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Upcoming Webinars

Advanced FlexBook® Editing

Making advanced edits to your FlexBook® doesn’t have to be time-consuming or intimidating, but it can make it more engaging... See more

October 8, 2019
3:00 pm PDT

Customizing CK-12 Adaptive Practice & Assignments

CK-12 did the heavy lifting for you by creating 150,000+ adaptive practice questions, while giving you the ability to customize... See more

October 16, 2019
3:00 pm PDT

LMS Breakout: CK-12 & Google Classroom

Does your school use Google Classroom? Join this short 30-minute session to learn about CK-12's updated integration with Google Classroom.... See more

October 24, 2019
3:30 pm PDT

Common Core Math on CK-12

With the change of focus in classrooms to more exploratory and project-based learning, CK-12 is launching a new line of... See more

November 7, 2019
3:00 pm PST

LMS Breakout: CK-12 & Canvas/Schoology

Does your school use Canvas or Schoology? Join this short 30-40 minute session to learn about CK-12's updated integration with... See more

November 13, 2019
3:30 pm PST

Archived Webinars

CK-12 Overview

Are you brand new to CK-12? These webinars give you an overview of our resources and strategies for using them.

Teaching Strategies for Using CK-12

07/18/19 - 1 hr. 3 mins.


Interested in learning about FlexBooks®? These webinars will help you find, customize, and/or create books on our site.

Getting Started with FlexBooks® & the 2.0 Platform

09/04/19 - 1 hr. 2 mins.

Advanced FlexBooks® Editing

07/16/19 - 1 hr. 6 mins.

Common Core Math on CK-12

07/18/19 - 1 hr. 5 mins.

Community Contributed & Non-STEM Content on CK-12

07/17/19 - 1 hr. 5 mins.

Adaptive Practice & Assignments

Interested in learning about our practice tool and making assignments? These webinars will help you understand our practice tool, create assignments, and see student progress.

Getting Started with CK-12 Adaptive Practice & Assignments

09/12/19 - 1 hr. 5 mins.

Customizing CK-12 Adaptive Practice & Assignments

07/11/19 - 1 hr. 8 mins.


Want your students to explore ideas through interactivity? This webinar will show you our various interactive tools for learning.

CK-12 Simulations & PLIX Interactives

08/27/19 - 1 hr. 16 mins.

Learning Managment Systems

Do you use a Learning Management System? These webinars detail how you can assign CK-12 content and see student progress within integrated platforms.

LMS Breakout: CK-12 & Google Classroom

07/16/19 - 39 mins.

LMS Breakout: CK-12 & Canvas/Schoology

07/08/19 - 46 mins.

CK-12 Updates

Wondering about the latest offerings from CK-12 and how we got to our current platform? These webinars describe previous and upcoming releases and the general direction of CK-12.

Brush Up: Skills Refresher & Updates to CK-12

07/18/18 - 42 mins.

CK-12 Overview