CK-12 webinars give users an opportunity to join live training sessions where they can ask questions and learn about CK-12’s free, high-quality resources.

While the full CK-12 Certified Educator Program happens each year in July, users can get a jumpstart on their credential by attending designated live webinars throughout the year. Webinars that count toward the CEP program are identified by the badge in the upper lefthand corner. More information about the Certified Educator Program can be found at

Upcoming Webinars

CK-12 Simulations and PLIX Interactives

Interested in learning more about ways to differentiate learning, foster interest in science and math, challenge misconceptions, and facilitate classroom... See more

October 10, 2018
3:00 pm PDT

CK-12 & Google Classroom

Does your school use Google Classroom? Join this short 30-minute session to learn about CK-12's updated integration with Google Classroom.... See more

October 18, 2018
3:00 pm PDT

Advanced FlexBook® Editing

Making advanced edits to your FlexBook® doesn’t have to be time-consuming or intimidating, but it can make it more engaging... See more

October 30, 2018
3:00 pm PDT

Archived Webinars

CK-12 Overview

Are you brand new to CK-12? These webinars give you an overview of our resources and strategies for using them.

Everything CK-12

3/1/18 - 59 mins.

Teaching Strategies for Using CK-12

9/6/18 - 1hr. 16 mins.


Interested in learning about FlexBooks®? These webinars will help you find, customize, and/or create books on our site.

Getting Started with FlexBooks®

9/19/18 - 1 hr. 4 mins.

Advanced FlexBooks® Editing

7/17/18 - 1 hr. 12 mins.

CK-12 Platform for Non-STEM Users

7/18/18 - 1 hr. 1 min.

Common Core Math on CK-12

7/19/18 - 1 hr. 1 min.

Adaptive Practice & Assignments

Interested in learning about our practice tool and making assignments? These webinars will help you understand our practice tool, create assignments, and see student progress.

Getting Started with CK-12 Adaptive Practice & Assignments

7/16/18 - 1 hr. 10 mins.

Customizing CK-12 Adaptive Practice & Assignments

7/17/18 - 1 hr. 19 mins.


Want your students to explore ideas through interactivity? This webinar will show you our various interactive tools for learning.

CK-12 Simulations & PLIX Interactives

7/20/18 - 1 hr. 4 mins.

Learning Managment Systems

Do you use a Learning Management System? These webinars detail how you can assign CK-12 content and see student progress within integrated platforms.

LMS Breakout: CK-12 & Google Classroom

7/17/18 - 36 mins.

LMS Breakout: CK-12 & Canvas/Schoology

7/19/18 - 41 mins.

CK-12 Updates

Wondering about the latest offerings from CK-12 and how we got to our current platform? These webinars describe previous and upcoming releases and the general direction of CK-12.

Brush Up: Skills Refresher & Updates to CK-12

7/18/18 - 42 mins.

Preview FlexBooks® 2.0

7/16/18 - 32 mins.

Ask Me Anything: A Conversation with Neeru Khosla

7/18/18 - 39 mins.

CK-12 Overview