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Welcome to the new CK-12 Foundation FlexBook Platform®. Our system is designed to be learner-centric (with concept-based learning) while still offering educators high quality, standards-aligned, fully-customizable, math and science content.

The traditional format of textbooks and chapters has been deconstructed to include “Concepts”- bite-sized bits of information that, when assembled together in a meaningful way, create an extremely engaging format for the reader.

Please take a moment to create a free account..  Register as an “instructor”, as “teachers” have access to more content than students. Enter the required information and click “Join CK-12”. (We do not share user’s information).

OR– You may sign up with your existing Google, Facebook, or Twitter account by selecting to use your social media account during the sign up proccess.

Once signed in, Teachers/Parents may easily:

1) Find content
2) Read and interact with content
3) Download and share content
4) Adding content to your personal library in “My Content”
5) Customizing content and
6) Develop content from scratch

A note about teacher’s editions:

The 2.0 site is currently loaded with “teacher’s editions” that include teaching tips, lesson ideas, etc—which are downloadable by all users.

The Answer Keys/ Solution Keys are available only upon request.  Please complete the request form or email   In the FlexBook editor, you will see “Request Solutions” where they are available and that is the fastest way to request answers/solutions.





Find Content

To find the content you want, search in the appropriate subject area,

OR enter a search term in the “Search box” — for example: “Osmosis”.

Here, you have the option to view books, concepts, teacher editions, and more….

Concepts are small bite-sized lessons that cover a specific topic, for example “Osmosis”.

Whereas books cover an entire course, for example “Biology”.

User Dashboard

A great feature, available to users who create a CK-12 account, is the “Dashboard”. The Dashboard is where users can monitor “My Progress”, manage “Bookmarks” and access “My Content”. In the My Progress section, you can review your hours spent per subject and how you’re doing when it comes to mastering certain topics. The “My Content” tab is where you manage your personal library of FlexBooks® and concepts.

Read and interact with content

Once you have found the resource you want, click on the title.

If you’re viewing a book, you’ll be taken to the Table of Contents for the book which lists all chapters.

Click on each chapters to pull up the list of all concepts in that chapter. You may click each section title to read its contents. You may return to the Table of Contents by clicking the chapter or book name at the top of the page.

You may read the content directly in the browser, OR… you may make a copy and begin editing it, or save it “as is” to “My Content”.

You may also click “Download” to download a copy to a tablet device (like an iPad, Kindle, Nook or other compatible devices).

Download and share content

CK-12 allows you to download and share our content in various formats.

You may download content — download a PDF, a Kindle/MOBI file, or an ePUB for use with iPAD and Android devices.

To share content with others, you may distribute the files you’ve downloaded or share the link to the page or web-based reader.

To share an HTML file, simply grab the link at the top of the page/book/chapter/concept you wish to share and send it to your colleagues or students (via email, LMS, post it in your blog, or via carrier pigeon).

You may also share the content on various social media sites using the links provided.

For more details on how to load CK-12 materials on to iPad or Android  devices, please view our FAQ or Learning Center Tutorials.

Customize Content

Once you have searched for, and collected, various resources, you may now CUSTOMIZE THEM (finally, the good stuff).

The FlexBook system allows you to create AND customize books using CK-12’s materials and/or your own.

To create a new book, sign in to your account and click on “My Content”.

In the left-hand navigation, you may choose a book to edit or select “Create NEW.”

To Edit a CK-12 Book

First, let’s edit an existing CK-12 textbook.

Click on “Subjects” and select the title you want to edit.

Click on the book’s title, and … then “MAKE A COPY”.

Give your book a custom title.

You can mix and match content from any CK-12 resource. To add a concept to your book, search for the concept you’d like, click to view the concept then select “Add to FlexBook.”  Be sure to add the concept to the book you just created. Continue adding until you have all the content you need.

To reorder the content of your book, select the book in “My Content”. Click “Edit” which will bring you to your book’s Table of Contents. At this point, you can delete chapters you don’t need (), rearrange chapters (), and edit material (). Remember, you may edit at the book level (on the Table of Contents, metadata/details, cover art) and then you can edit on the Concept/Chapter level as well.

Re-arrange concepts within a chapter (chapter units), or add even move concepts from one chapter to another. Don’t forget to save your changes after rearranging.

To edit a concept or section, find it in “My Content” and click “Edit.” In this screen, you can change the content. You may remove material or add additional text. You can add a custom link, custom images, videos, or other multimedia. You may also add mathematical equation and symbols using the “insert /edit images” icon in the editor. Once finished, be sure to save your changes.

Write You Own Book

You may also create a brand new book from scratch. Under Create Resource, select “New Book.”  Here you can add a custom title and change the book’s cover image. Be sure to click ‘save’ to view changes.

Add content to the new book:  You can start by adding material from CK-12’s library using browse or Search. Search for the content you’d like. You may add an entire book, a chapter, or a concept to your custom book by clicking on the “Add to Book” button in the left navigation. This will give you the option to add material to any of the existing books you own in your library.

To add material you’ve written from scratch to your book, return to “My Content” and select your book. Click “Edit” to view the book editor. You have the option to upload your material from Microsoft Word, Google Doc or to use “our writer” to compose content.

To add a concept, click “Use Our Writer.” In the editing, you can add a custom title and content. The “Details” tab allows you to add description, attribution, tags, learning objectives, and other information.

You may also attach additional files to your book, for example a presentation or PDF document. Click “Associated Materials” then select “Upload Files” to add files from your computer

Creating an Auto-Generated Book- Coming Soon!

The FlexBook Platform® can create a custom book for you based on state standards within a specific grade level and subject. Under ‘Create New,” select “Standards Aligned Book.”  From the dropdown, select your subject, state, and grade.  If you do not see your state listed, you may also create a book based on Common Core or NSES standards. Give your book a title and click “OK” for the system to generate your book.
Share Your Book:

Sharing your book is easy and flexible. Select the book in “My Content”. In the left-hand navigation, you’ll see the various formats available for sharing (PDF, Mobi/Kindle, ePUB and HTML at the top of page) .

Choose the format you desire and download your book.

You can share the link to your resource by copying and pasting the HTML link/ URL. Remember that a valid internet connection will be required for anyone to view a live link.

After the initial download and sharing of a resource, one may use CK-12 material without a live internet connection if the material is :
-Saved on a hard drive
-Saved to a USB drive
-Saved on a CD, DVD
-Or in hard copy

With any download, please be patient. The bigger your book, the longer it will take to generate a file.

Help and Feedback

To give feedback or report errors, email or log on to the community site at

You may always contact for assistance.

Thank you!  Please provide feedback to us at

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