FlexBook® Digital Textbooks +

CK-12 FlexBooks® are fully customizable digital books which offer the best content for your students.

Concept-Based Learning +

CK-12’s Concept Pages offer a wide variety of STEM content allowing students to “learn it their way” and teachers to “teach it their way.”

Adaptive Practice +

CK-12’s Adaptive Practice helps students learn in a way never before imaginable. Using machine learning, students practice, learn, and fill in their knowledge gaps.


CK-12’s PLIX Interactives and Simulations enable students to experience concepts in a new and exciting way. Concepts come alive as students explore and interact with them.

Groups and

CK-12’s Groups allow teachers to assign and monitor student learning and progress. Using groups for classes or differentiated groups allows students to get the personalized content they need.

CK-12 Cafe Forums +

The CK-12 Cafe is a place for the community to share thoughts and advice. From students getting help on homework to teachers sharing about the classroom, these forums are all about ideas.

LMS Integration+

CK-12 facilitates integration with a variety of Single Sign-On (SSO) and Learning Management System (LMS) partners, including Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Clever, ItsLearning, Edmodo, Blackboard, and ClassLink.

For more information on any of these CK-12 resources, see our Help Center