System Administrator

Location: Palo Alto, CA
System Administrator:
This is an amazing opportunity in terms of responsibility, interesting challenges and high visibility. This position also requires strong interpersonal skills, strong project management and time management skills and a successful track record of coordinating and driving issues to resolution. We truly are looking for the highest quality candidates. This position participates in an on call rotation with the other CK-12 engineers.Core Responsibilities:

– Manage, operate, and enhance highly scalable web applications built on Amazon EC2 and S3 Infrastructure
– Building and developing deployment, automation and performance and security monitoring tools
– Working closely with the development and QA team on architecture and technologies to enhance our infrastructure

– Evaluate and select open source and standards based networking components to complement widely adopted infrastructure products
– Maintain the integrity of the internal and external network security operations
– Archive, backup and automate the recovery process
– Excellent network analysis fundamentals and robust troubleshooting skills.

– Define and Guarantee SLAs for network layers
– Provide desktop support and help for CK12 Users and Volunteers (Windows, Ubuntu Linux)
– Maintain Intranet applications for CK12’s daily operations (MediaWiki, Bugzilla, LDAP, etc.)
– Manage and monitor network access for CK12’s intranet, extranet, and internet operations (VPN, Cisco Routers, Switches, NAS)
– Define and implement the policies for desktop and network usage of the systems (Security)
– Diagnosing, as appropriate, complex systems issues with multiple influencing factors

This job is for you if your technical skills include:

• 4+ years experience with Ubuntu (or Debian equivalent)
• 2+ years supporting public or private cloud technology
• 2+ years experience with MongoDB and/or MySQL server
• Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills for the Linux platforms
• Experience with Administering and Deploying Tomcat and Memcache (or similar technology)
• Experience with administering Amazon EC2 clusters
• Security experience and hands-on knowledge for hardening systems
• Strong Unix skills and the ability to script in Python or other code base is desirable
• Prior experience with SIP/VoIP a plus

You need to have legal authorization to work in the United States.

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to with subject line “System Administrator”.

Developer – Summer Internship

Location: Palo Alto, CA
Do you want to be a Social Entrepreneur? Come join us to have a worldwide social impact in the field of education! We are a not-for-profit organization working to bring about a change in education and help students around the world get a quality education. We are seeking highly motivated individuals to become part of a team to revolutionize K-12 global learning and textbook publishing. Through the use of a superior open educational resources environment, we are creating a major paradigm shift from traditional textbook learning and publishing to collaborative online learning and customized textbook publishing designed to foster greater relevance and resonance among teachers, students, and communities.During your internship with us, you will gain valuable experience including:- Honing your technical skills working alongside highly experienced Software Engineers
– Grow professionally
– Exposure to increased levels of responsibility while helping make quality software products
– Experience real-world and direct application of classroom studies

All we ask is you bring an open-to-learn attitude and an intense desire to grow, and if you have any of the following qualifications, that would help too –

If you wish to apply for this position, please email your resume to with ‘Engineering Internship’ in the subject line.
– Computer Science major
– Proficient in Python a plus but should at least know some object-oriented language like Java, C++, or C#
– Preferably has at least completed sophomore year

You need to have legal authorization to work in the United States.

To be commercial or not is the question?

There has been growing debate over whether OER should use commercial licensing.If this is an issue you feel passionate about, please check out the online debate being led by UNESCO/OER Foundation “Should OER Favour Commercial Use?” CK-12, we believe strongly that licensing should be a choice, not a mandate.We believe that the choice should represent a true spirit of openness for both the users and as well as those providers who take the time and consideration to share their expertise with all.

Here is my invited reponse in this debate: Continue reading…

Support Engineer

Location: Palo AltoSummary:
The purpose of the Support Engineer position is very simple: do everything you can to help resolve the user’s issue. This involves taking often challenging technical issues from the customer via phone or email and doing everything that is necessary to resolve the issue quickly and professionally. You will be expected to handle all Level 1-3 issues and your day will have a mix of all kinds of different support requests. This position works with users to determine and resolve their issues with the CK-12 FlexBook System. This position focuses on utilizing exceptional customer service skills along with technical skills and expertise to resolve application issues.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

This position interacts with customers, partners and internal staff. The role requires coordination and support between CK-12’s end users, internal staff, and external partners to ensure satisfactory resolution of issues. This position is responsible for resolving issues that may involve short turnaround times and challenging customer interactions. Support Engineers must be able to maintain a professional attitude and composure throughout all situations. Requires written documentation of customer communications in a support ticketing system.

Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) from four-year college or university, or equivalent combination of education and experience. One to two years related technical support experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Proven ability to excel in highly dynamic environments required. Prior customer support experience highly desirable.

All Support Engineers require:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A customer oriented mindset to be the advocate for each and every user
  • A natural love for technology that is reflected in your professional and personal life
  • A methodical mindset towards troubleshooting issues
  • Basic programming fundamentals to assist in debugging
  • Knowledge about web applications, standard web user behaviors and interactions,

An ideal candidate also has expertise in:

  • Shell scripting with Bash, Python, or other scripting language
  • Windows Desktop support
  • Linux and the LAMP Stack
  • Experience with Request Tracker or other support ticketing system
  • Programming proficiency in Python, Java, or other OO oriented language.
If you wish to apply for this position, please email your resume to with “Support Engineer” in the subject line.  Principals only, no recruiters.  US Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

CK-12 is hiring for its Summer Graduate Intern Program

In addition to its other regular job postings, CK-12 is recruiting stellar, summer graduate interns to work on one or more of its Science or Math projects.  In your cover letter, please express your expertise and interest in one of the projects and associated subject area(s)–see project descriptions below.  This opportunity is a paid internship, unless student is working to fulfill community service requirements.

  • All applicants: passion, commitment, strong work ethic, research skills, proactive, precise attention to detail, ability to work with minimal supervision based on a provided project description.
  • Basic software experience: Wiki, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google docs.
  • Advanced software experience:  Adobe Flash to create animations; Proficiency creating high-resolution figures using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar art program.

Internship Benefits:

  • Unique learning experience at an organization committed to 21st Century education; resume builder; see your name credited in our digital FlexBooks; get community service hours; exciting, innovative, and inviting team environment; snacks available!


  • Students must commit to at least 8 weeks, working either mornings and/or afternoons on Monday through Friday in our offices or virtually (subject to discussion).
  • In your cover letter, please provide a critique of CK-12’s site ( and tell us what new features would make it more compelling for the student. Put yourself in the shoes of a student looking to access, learn, and benefit from the use of the site.
How to Apply (Deadline to apply:  May 30th, 2011):
Please email your cover letter and resume to with  “Summer Graduate Intern Program” in the subject line.  Please also submit one teacher recommendation letter to either or by mail to Gary Clarke, CK-12 Foundation, 3430 Bayshore Road, Suite 101, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA.

Work with Book Manager to develop problem banks for CK-12’s Math/Science Concepts. As part of this project, you will develop problem-sets and worksheets that include fully worked out solutions and are closely tied to concepts relating to middle and high school math and science courses of study.APPLYING METADATA
To help improve CK-12’s site search and browse capability, you will provide accurate content descriptions and keywords for thousands of our concept artifacts.

Work with Book Manager to research and vet educational artifacts across the Web that will enrich CK-12’s Math/Science Concepts. As part of this project, you will focus on identifying embeddable resources / ancillaries for CK-12’s Math/Science Concepts.


Help create multimedia objects, such as animations, and other enrichment activities for selected CK-12’s Math/Science Concepts. Adobe Flash, HTML5, or AJAX experience a plus!


Work with Book Manager to review selected projects for accuracy and quality. As part of this project, you will focus on concepts relating to middle and high school math and science courses of study.

Work with Book Manager and Curriculum Alignment to create descriptive Subject Area Maps of CK-12’s Math/Science Concepts and the larger superset of S.T.E.M. topics, nodes, and relationships among them, in ultimate support of content organization, user interface, and links to curriculum standards.

For all other CK-12 job postings, please visit the Jobs page.

OER Presentation Dr. Louise Waters, Leadership Public Schools

This particular blog entry I am using a different format. I will share verbatim the presentation of Dr. Louise Waters at the Hewlett Foundations OER conference. It speaks to what I cannot seem to say as well as she says.

Open Source Educational Resources
Using the Power of Open-Source Resources to Transform Urban High Schools
By Louise Bay Waters, Superintendent & CEO Leadership Public Schools

A Presentation for the 3/30/11 Hewlett Foundation OER Conference Continue reading…

College Access Reader: Geometry – Student Reader

Geometry – Student Reader

CK-12 Geometry flexed to align with College Access Geometry with embedded literacy supports.

Table of contents

Chapter Title


Angles and Constructions LPS
Parallel Lines and Quadrilaterals LPS
Properties of Triangles LPS
Triangle Proofs
Trigonometry LPS
Area of Polygons LPS
Surface Area and Volume – Nets to Prisms LPS
Surface Area and Volume – Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres LPS
Coordinate Geometry LPS
Also in Spanish:
Ángulos y Construcciones LPS
Líneas Paralelas y Cuadriláteros LPS
Pruebas de los Triángulos LPS
Trigonometría LPS
Área de Polígonos LPS
Área de la Superficie y Volumen –Redes de Prismas LPS
Área de la Superficie y Volumen – Cilindros, Conos y Esferas LPS
Propiedades de los Círculos LPS
Geometría de Coordenadas LPS

College Access Reader: Algebra I – Student Reader

Algebra I – Student Reader

CK-12 Algebra flexed to align with Flexmath with embedded  literacy supports.



Table of contents

Chapter Title


Expressions, Equations, and Functions LPS
Simplifying and Solving Equations LPS
Graphing Linear Equations and Functions LPS
System of Equations LPS
Solving and Graphing Inequalities LPS
Operations with Polynomials LPS
Factoring and Simplifying Polynomials LPS
Solving Quadratic Equations LPS
Also in Spanish:
Graficar Ecuaciones Lineales y Funciones LPS
Sistema de Ecuaciones LPS
Graficando y Aplicando Cuadráticas LPS

College Access Reader: Biology – Student Reader

Student Reader and Workbook

CK-12 Biology flexed to provide extensive literacy supports.

Table of contents

Chapter Title


Physiology – Introduction to the Human Body LPS
Physiology – The Nervous and Endocrine Systems LPS
Physiology – Skeletal, Muscular, and Integumentary Systems LPS
Physiology – Circulatory and Respiratory Systems LPS
Physiology – Digestive and Excretory Systems LPS
(Also in Spanish:
(Also in Spanish:
Genetics – Cell Division and Reproduction LPS
Mendelian Genetics LPS
Human Genetics LPS
Molecular Genetics – DNA Structure and Protein Synthesis
Evolution – Mutation Teachers Edition LPS
Evolution – Mutation LPS
Evolution – Evolutionary Theory LPS
Evolution – History of Life LPS
(Also in Spanish:
(Also in Spanish:



Physiology LPS

Teacher Edition


Physiology LPS
Cell Biology – Cell Structure and Function LPS
Cell Biology – Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration LPS

College Access Reader: Geometry – Lesson Plans and Exams

Lesson Plans & Exams

Michael Fauteux and Rosamaria Zapata, LPS-Hayward math teachers, authors.
A structured Geometry program of daily lesson plans and teacher supports.

Table of contents

Chapter Title