Part-time Math and Science Tutor

CK-12’s mission is to provide free access to open-source educational content and technology tools that empower students as well as teachers to enhance and experiment with different learning styles, resources, levels of competence, and circumstances.

To achieve this noble and ambitious vision, we at CK-12 are challenging the traditional model of education to transform it dramatically. Technology has opened up lots of opportunities to revolutionize education for the benefit of students, teachers, and parents.

We have chosen to be non-profit so that we can effectively realize our mission and we can do the right thing! It also provides us the ability to experiment with big and bold ideas. CK-12 is backed by Vinod Khosla, a renowned technologist, and philanthropist.

At CK-12, you’ll experience the benefits of working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative, and non-bureaucratic environment where you will get a lot of cool things done that you might never have imagined! We are a small group of passionate folks who are determined to disrupt the current form of education. We came together from companies such as Apple, eBay, Amazon, McGraw-Hill, and startups.

Technology is key to scale education, and we deeply believe in it. Come develop great solutions on our cloud-based (AWS) AI-first platform delivering rich and interactive content.

Do our mission, people, and technologies excite you?

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The Tutoring Opportunity

This is a fully remote online tutoring position.  CK-12 micro-tutoring service provides online chat based tutoring to high school students for math and science. Students use the service for getting in-the-moment help when they are stuck with a homework assignment and need instant assistance from a tutor.  This is revolutionary as compared to regular tutoring, wherein a given tutor can quickly get a student studying online the necessary quick help to get them unstuck and move on to help another student.  The scale and impact of this is multifold than a regular tutoring session.  The goal of the service is to provide a cost-effective service to students who otherwise cannot afford one.  Join an enthusiastic team working in an experimental setup to continuously improve and deliver a new kind of affordable micro-tutoring service to help students at scale.


  1. Must have previous high school math or science tutoring or teaching experience for at least 2 years.
  2. Clearly explain the problem that the student needs help with using your expert knowledge of the subject. 
  3. Initially, commit to a 4-hour online tutoring session (3pm – 6pm PT) for 5 days a week. This can increase gradually as the service matures.
  4. Must be able to tutor math and science concepts listed here
  5. Be an equal partner in improving the service by providing meaningful feedback to the product and development team to improve the service.

Must be a US citizen or Green Card, holder.