Science Content Generalist

Applicant must be authorized to work in the US for any employer.

Are you really good at science? Are you excited by the potential of technology to change the way students learn? At CK-12 this is our driving passion–to leverage the rapidly evolving field of AI and transform the way students across the globe learn. With 50 million users each year, we are poised to make a giant impact, but we are only as good as our content–and that’s where you come in. 

If you have a passion for science and for improving student outcomes through AI-driven technology, come join us and together we can change the world! 

This is a full-time position in the CK-12 Palo Alto, California office, and includes a great benefits package. 

About Us

The CK-12 Foundation provides free access to content and technology tools that empower students as well as teachers to go further than ever before.

To achieve this ambitious vision, we at CK-12 are challenging traditional models of education to transform them dramatically. Technology has opened up lots of opportunities to revolutionize education for the benefit of students, teachers, and parents.

Not only is CK-12 a non-profit, it also doesn’t charge for any resources. Backed by Vinod Khosla, a renowned technologist and philanthropist, the CK-12 Foundation has merged free, quality, and technology innovation allowing us to experiment with big and bold ideas.

CK-12 employees experience the benefits of working in a dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative, and non-bureaucratic environment where cool things and big ideas happen daily.  We are a small group of passionate folks who are determined to disrupt the current form of education.  Coming from companies such as Apple, eBay, Amazon, McGraw-Hill, Magoosh, and various startups, CK-12 employees have the experience to significantly change education around the world.

We deeply believe technology is the key to scale education and it is the backbone of our learning platform. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, CK-12 develops rich and interactive personalized content. Check out how CK-12 is making an impact in teaching and learning – CK-12 User Testimonials.

Would you like to be part of a committed and creative group of people who care deeply and believe in the mission of the organization? Are you willing to forge new pathways of learning that best meet each student’s needs? Together, we will revolutionize the way students learn!

Join us to build the best AI-powered Tutor for Students and Assistant for Teachers!



  • Contribute to a number of projects targeted towards the creation and curation of content, QA, review, maintenance, and multiple science domains 
  • Develop and improve all modalities of learning such as lessons, creating questions, videos, interactives, and real-world applications
  • Collaborate with our machine learning team to boost student engagement and learning outcomes
  • Lead content curation projects for our AI/machine learning products 
  • Develop an understanding of the education market and strategize ways for CK-12 to gain a competitive edge
  • Leverage a strong understanding of student study habits/patterns to improve user retention 


  • BS/BA in sciences (biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, or similar) or science education, with an emphasis on chemistry and physics preferred  
  • Work full-time in the CK-12 Palo Alto office
  • Experience modifying and creating digital content using a digital content management system
  • Teaching experience is a strong plus
  • Please share details of your teaching and digital content creation experience in your cover letter


  • Strong science knowledge in a combination of domains (biology, chemistry, earth science and/or physics), with emphasis on chemistry and physics
  • Conceptual understanding of AI/machine learning and openness to learning AI/ML methodology (this role does not require formal training in AI/ML)
  • Digital content management system experience
  • Experience working with interdisciplinary teams
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong technology skills, such as Google applications, math equation editors (MathJax/LaTex)
  • A willingness to learn, especially about new technologies  


How To Apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter that specifically addresses your previous success at a technology company.  Email to with “Science Content Generalist” in the subject line.