A New Vision: Innovate and Invigorate

I have been absent from writing blogs recently, because we have been making some exciting changes to our website.  CK-12 now presents an entirely new educational platform that is concept based.  Learning evolves from a knowledge base, and this initial point of reference affects all of our future learning. As this knowledge base is enriched through education, more complex and creative ideas can follow.  Adhering to this basic principle, our online textbooks have been broken down into smaller pieces of content where each subject is explained in more depth and each concept has been enriched to include multiple modalities.

The traditional school model of “fixed time, variable learning” needs to be adjusted to focus on a new concept that brings “maximum capability learning.” Rapid iteration reinforces the learning process, and our revised platform encourages innovation, creativity and flexibility. This provides a more daring and meaningful education for the student.

Our mission at CK-12 is to encourage innovation and to enhance learning throughout the world. In order to accomplish this, our goal is to provide universal access to high-quality educational materials through a powerful, open, technological research tool to students (with disparate levels of competency and different learning styles) and teachers, irrespective of educational, financial or geographical circumstances.

Please stay tuned for more exciting things to come with CK-12!