Introducing CK-12 Foundation’s version 2.0

CK-12 Foundation version 2.0 which provides the component missing in version 1.0 – a focus around learning. At CK-12, we believe that learning is an individual activity requiring many things – multiple modalities, interactions with other human beings (such as teachers, peers, and parents) as well as collaborations. Hence, in this version of the system we combine student-centric learning with teacher-centric tools and materials to create a dynamic system that can be used by anyone. Our belief is that this will help in reducing “gaps” and provide the ability to fill these gaps.

Users will continue to find high quality, national and international standards aligned content in K-12 Science and Math subjects. As before, that content can be used to create customized books or courses. New to the system are concepts, smaller chunks of content that can be used to learn or review specific topics. The concepts are supported with many associated modalities as well as interactive and automated exercises and assessments allowing for students to see where they are and how they are progressing. Interactive learning objects as well as simulations from entities such as Wolfram will support these concepts. In addition, we will be providing a guiding system allowing students to learn at their own pace with purpose. This navigational system at the same time, will allow for teachers to mentor their students.

Version 2 of CK-12’s system is the next step toward the foundation’s mission to increase the access of high quality educational materials for all.

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