CK-12 Interns

 2013 Summer Program

Masha Andreyeva
UC Berkeley, Freshman (Palo Alto High School)

I want to thank CK-12 for offering me this great opportunity to learn and be a part of a cause I value. It was fun for me to learn more about nutrition as I researched about lipids and neuroglia, and to spend hours coming up with quirky real world applications. I’m also very grateful to the Stephanie Hom and the UX Design team for  including me in their projects and helping me learn more about the career field I’m interested in. Thank you CK-12!

Kyle Bardman
University of Chicago, Freshman (graduated from Mountain View High School)

Ellaine Chou
Gunn High School, Sophomore

There are many perks of being a CK-12 intern. One, you make friends. There are many other interns around the same age. It is impossible to not make friends in this workplace. Second, the working environment is comfortable and quiet. There is no stress or pressure – besides debating on what food you want to eat.

Jeremy Folk
Gunn High School, Senior

I enjoyed being a CK-12 intern because I got the opportunity to work with other students just as passionate about taking what we’ve learned in our science classes and presenting it in a fun short concept in action.

Kamran Gossieaux
New York University, Freshman (graduated from Andover High School)

Hope Hahn
Cornell University, Freshman (graduated from Mountain View High School)

What I enjoyed the most about being a CK-12 intern was working in a professional environment with passionate people and getting a glimpse at the inner workings of a non-profit.

Apoorva Handigol
American High School, Junior

Working with CK-12 has gifted me with skills and memories I will always cherish: purpose, responsibility, dedication, work experience, teamwork, and laughs, of course. I hope I have provided this amazing, benevolent company with as much as CK-12 has provided me!

Shoumick M. Hasan
Graduated from Tower Hill School

Mark Holmstrom
Stanford University, Freshman (graduated from Live Oak High School)

Ryan Huang
Palo Alto High School, Junior

My favorite part about working at CK12 was being able to create my own content that would be published on the site. I also liked meeting the wide variety of people that worked here.

Peter Kuimelis
Palo Alto High School, Junior

Nina Krishnan
Mission San Jose High School, Senior

Tiffany Kwok
Cupertino High School, Junior

Through interning at CK-12 I learned more about how online textbooks make education more accessible to everyone. It also gave me the chance to apply the knowledge I know in a setting outside of school. Knowing that I was making an impact on other students’ lives through my project at CK-12 was truly a rewarding experience.

Savanna Li
Rhode Island School of Design, Freshman (Los Altos High School)

You won’t regret coming to CK-12 as an intern! It has been an absolute honor being here! First, all the people here are inviting and fun. They’re really great role models and are very passionate! Second, it’s amazing to see this company continuously transform and change. It’s really awesome to be a part of this growing community and it feels good to know that our work and suggestions are going to help students like us. Third, it’s probably been said a lot, but you do really get the experience of working in a company. You brainstorm and work with your peers, attend meetings, and talk with people on a professional level (at least you try). Third, did I mention the food? Super good! But all jokes aside, it has been a great experience here and I hope I can return with better skills to assist this organization. Thanks for having me here!

Rico Lin
UC Davis, Freshman (Mountain View High School)

I enjoy working at CK-12 because it is an opportunity for me to reinforce the things that I have learned in high school so that I am much better prepared for college.

Juan Lopez
Eastside College Preparatory School, Junior

Mayakisha Lusebrink
Graduated from Stanbridge Academy

Adam Mansour
UC Berkeley, Freshman (graduated from Palo Alto High School)

Hemang Mehta
American High School, Junior

Sahana Naranyanan
Harker School, Sophomore

Viet Nguyen
Brown University, Freshman (Mountain View High School)

Through CK-12 I was able to find my passion for education and learning. I enjoyed working in such a passionate environment with people who were dedicated to CK-12’s mission.

Galaxy Portillo
San Francisco State University, Freshman (Eastside College Preparatory School)

Jaisel Sandhu
Palo Alto High School, Junior

Working at CK12 was the highlight of my summer and a great experience. I love the idea of free online textbooks, and CK12 provided me with an opportunity to contribute to them. The people I met and worked with were very friendly and a pleasure to be around.

Vinay Satish
American High School, Senior

What I enjoyed the most about working at CK-12 was that I got to work almost as a regular, full-time employee! I got to access the key-activated employee entrance, work in a cubicle, and enjoy nearly full access to the kitchen! Most of all, I became a key contributor to the direction that the company is taking by publishing my own original content on the website and providing feedback! It was a real pleasure working with all of the employees and interns, and I would certainly like to do so again in the future!

Vishal Satish
American High School, Senior

Being a CK-12 intern meant creating interesting resources for use by other students like me, an opportunity that I always found exciting. The experience of coming to CK-12 every week and working with interns and employees to do something worthwhile for education kept me engaged often. And of course, the treasures of the kitchen were always a plus! I hope to work at CK-12 sometime again in the future!

Stefano Scotti
Mountain View High School, Junior

Helena Steffens
Los Altos High School, Senior

I really enjoyed being an intern and further advancing CK-12’s website with new material. I loved being able to use my creativity to write Real World Applications, which were later posted on the website, and hopefully used by people who needed help with certain concepts!

Jeffrey Wang
Gunn High School, Senior

I really loved the friendly and warm environment at CK-12.  I learned so much working here; it was an awesome experience!

Charles Yu
Palo Alto High School, Junior

Working at CK-12 was an extraordinary experience. As an intern, I often had to think outside of the box. Whether it be creating real world applications or planning office parties, the work at CK-12 always kept me on my feet! What I especially enjoyed was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere that CK-12 had to offer!

 2012 Summer Program

Helena Abbott
Menlo School, Senior

Lianne Blodgett
Crystal Springs Uplands School, Sophomore

Hunter Brown
Menlo School, Senior

This past summer I worked as an intern at CK12 and helped write and edit many of the earth science study guides. In addition to this I created physics, algebra, and geometry flashcards. I love to learn new things and am primarily interested in mathematics, sciences, and social sciences.

Amy Chang
University of Oxford, Freshman (graduated from Gunn High School)

Lynn Chui
Gunn High School, Senior

Audrey Flower
Menlo School, Sophomore

As a member of the critical thinking group, I worked to create stimulating and thought-provoking questions about each concept that allows students to research the topic in more depth and learn about its connections and uses in the real world. In addition I found engaging videos, simulations and interactives that help further teach the concept to students. At Menlo, my interests include water polo mock trial and community service.

Kelsey Flower
Menlo School, Junior

This summer I worked as part of the Study Guide team, writing, editing, and formatting Earth Science study guides on topics such as Earthquake Characteristics and Location and Direction.  I also worked on the social media project where I analyzed existing social media sites and highlighted the aspects of popular social networks that create strong communities and make these networks thrive.  I then brainstormed ways of transferring these aspects to an educational CK-12 social media site and identified other unique features that would make the CK-12 social network successful. In addition to academics, I play on our school tennis team, litigate as a pretrial attorney in our mock trial club, and am the Public Relations coordinator and an editor for my school’s newspaper.

Mark Holmstrom
Live Oak High School, Senior

Justin Jiang
Homestead High School, Senior

Adarsh Kadoor
American High School, Sophomore

In summer 2012, I’ve had the privilege of interning at CK-12, which provides free online educational material. I was excited to contribute to the “Creative Critical Thinking Problems” project which created hundreds of mind-stimulating questions and researched insightful enrichment videos and simulations covering math and science. I also met wonderful people, including interns, teachers, managers, and supervisors. This internship is definitely very memorable to me!

Nina Krishnan
Mission San Jose High School, Junior

Rico Lin
Mountain View High School, Junior

Antonio Lopez
Duke University, Freshman ( graduated from Menlo School)

Michael Machlin
Menlo School, Senior

During my summer internship at CK-12, I created study guides to help students review important information and prepare for tests in subjects such as earth science and biology. In addition, I made flashcards for various topics that cover relevant vocabulary and can be used in conjunction with the corresponding study guides.

Priyanka Mahapatra
Missison San Jose High School, Junior

This summer I created flash cards and reviewed study guides for CK-12. I’m glad to have helped CK-12 in its mission to produce accessible, alternative methods of education for students across the world. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, playing the piano, and playing with my dog.

Danielle Pintz
Menlo School, Senior

Raghav Rajvanshy
Mission San Jose, Senior

In the summer of 2012, I worked on creating critical thinking problems mainly relating to Biology and Statistics at CK-12. Prior to this, I have also interned at a law firm and a ship management company in Hong Kong. I have also started my own non-profit that aims to save lives by promoting global sanitation in partnership with hotels

Phani Rayapaneni
American High School, Sophmore

Vikram Sivaraja
Mountain View High School, Senior

Stephen Song
Los Altos High School, Senior

Jeffrey Wang
Gunn High School, Junior

Eugene Wong
Irvington High School, Senior

Wings Yeung
Castilleja School, Sophomore

I worked with other high school interns this summer to create a list of critical thinking questions.

 2011 Summer Program

Rohit Ramkumar
Palo Alto High School, Junior

I am excited to be working at CK-12 because I like the idea of free online textbooks. I am excited to apply the things I have learned to the science study guides I am working on.

Rory Runser
UC Berkeley, Freshman (Gunn High School)

I am a fanatic about chemistry, and I hope my work at CK-12 will inspire other students to pursue chemistry (and hopefully get the chance later in life to make something explode).

Nicole Yee
UC Berkeley, Freshman (Menlo School)

I really love the idea of online textbooks and learning resources for students. It’s awesome to be able to help other students by creating study guides for them.

Christopher Addiego
Carnegie Mellon, Freshman (Menlo School)

I am excited to work at CK-12 because I will get the opportunity to apply some of the knowledge I have gained in my science courses toward helping other students by writing study guides.

Danielle Phan
Castilleja School, Senior

I am interested in making at least a small change in the lives of students, hopefully making their studying a little bit easier. I am focusing on finding and making interactive games for students.

Courtney Chuang
Bowdoin College, Freshman (Castilleja School)

I’m so excited to be interning at CK-12! I’ve always been interested in education and I really believe in the work CK-12 is doing to make educational materials more accessible and more dynamic.

Jane Li
Gunn High School, Senior

I am excited to be interning at CK-12 because it will be a great experience for me to obtain a sense of how a company functions and gain valuable real world experience in working on projects with a team at a company. I will be working on study guides for algebra.

Steve Lai
UC Berkeley, Freshman (Palo Alto High School)

I am excited to be interning at CK-12 because I want to use my knowledge to help other people, as well as learning new skills. I will be working on study guides for chemistry.

Maxine Tsang
Los Altos High, Senior

I’m excited to intern at CK-12 because they cater and support students just like me. At CK-12 I’d be helping to design a website, which I learned how to do at Freestyle Academy, a school I went to part-time last year.

Zachary Wilson
U of Brit. Columbia, Freshman (Mt. View High)

I’m excited about interning here because I’ll get to use the design skills I’ve learned in school in a real world environment.

Parker Schultz
Menlo School, Sophomore

I really like the idea of online textbooks, and I am excited to help spread a new generation of online textbooks.

Sam Eckert
Menlo School, Sophomore

I am excited to work at CK-12 because it will give me a chance to help, albeit in a small way, to introduce free textbooks to the world, and thus, again in a small way, help educate the world.

Amy Shen
Gunn High School, Sophomore

I am excited about working with other interns to contribute to CK-12!

Jamie Ayon
Eastside College Preparatory School, Junior

I am excited to be an intern at CK-12 because not only do I gain work experience but I also give back to an organization that provides a very helpful resource for teachers and students alike.

Minu Palaniappan
Saratoga High, Sophomore

I enjoy coming to CK-12 because I constantly want to learn and create new things.

Cindy Lam
Gunn High School, Senior

I’m excited to be a part of CK-12’s effort to bring effective education to students, and I hope what we accomplish here will help others be better learners.