Teaching With Technology: Rebecca Hartfield

Welcome to Teaching with Technology! This series of guest posts asks educators to share how they integrate technology in their classrooms. These posts are written by a very special group, CK-12 Foundation’s Champions.

Today’s guest post is by Rebecca Hartfield. She is a Science Teacher at North Hall High School in Gainesville, Georgia.

How do you currently integrate technology in your classroom (e.g., products used, devices, etc.)?
I check out laptop carts and Xoom tablets from our media center on a regular basis. I maintain a twitter account and web page for my classes. I use a Prometheus board with slate for notes and everyday usage. I occasionally use a response system with the promethean board.

What have been the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in the classroom?
Advantages: makes more interactive with students.
Disadvantage: issues with server at school and getting online.

How have your students benefited from technology?
When using the response system, it keeps them paying attention during notes. Many of the questions asked then show up on quizzes or tests.

If money were no object, what would you like to see happening in your classroom with respect to use of technology?
I would have laptops for every lab station that I have. I would then invest in more probe ware devices for lab activities. This way I could give my students more of what they may see in a college lab setting.

We hear the phrase “21st Century Skills” often with respect to technology and education. What are “21st Century Skills?”
Ability to determine reliability of information. Students often believe if it is on the web then it is factual.

Describe the “classroom of 2040.” What’s different? What’s the same?
Students and teachers are probably not even together physically. Physical classrooms are where students go for extra help, tests, or for lab work. Lectures are sent electronically and students are responsible for listening to them.