Wasted Education

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Frank Furedi :  Let’s give children the ‘store of human knowledge’.  In flattering kids as ‘digital natives’ for whom the past is irrelevant, we degrade a vital adult mission: “transmitting knowledge
When I read this quote  my immediate reaction was of confusion.
This quote is saying that it is important for us to educate students to transmit knowledge and not make students as digital natives?  So I started reading all the writings that Furedi has written.
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I have heard many arguments about what is wrong with education from changing world and not keeping up with this change to irrelevance and teaching inadequacies of the teacher.I have yet to hear about what Frank Furedi (http://www.frankfuredi.com/ ), author of “Wasted – Why education Isn’t Education”, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1847064167?ie=UTF8&tag=instituteofid-21&link_code=as3&camp=2506&creative=9298&creativeASIN=1847064167 , has to say.
According to Furedi education is in trouble because we are all focusing on the symptoms of the problem and not the reason.We are not able to educate because it is “difficult to give meaning to human experience”.The reasons stem from not being able to learn from what we have learned from the past with the implicit assumption that adults have little to teach children.