Concept Map

CK-12’s Concept Map is an interactive tool which demonstrates visual pathways that represent relationships between K-12 Math and Science concepts.

Online & Offline Access

With the free CK-12 FlexBook® app for smartphones and tablets, users have the power to read the entire collection of CK-12 FlexBook® textbooks anytime, anywhere, even without connectivity.

CK-12 & Learning Management Systems

CK-12 continues to expand its integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other tools, including our newest integrations with Canvas, Google Classroom, and Schoology.

Educator Webinars

The Jumpstart Program is a series of training webinars (available on-demand) aimed at helping educators use CK-12 to transform their curriculum to meet students’ needs.


Enhanced Existing Products

FlexBook® Digital Textbooks

CK-12 continues to update and enhance their digital textbooks called FlexBooks®. New books include Spanish translations and CBSE versions, along with user customized FlexBooks® (Coming soon!).

Adaptive Practice

CK-12 continues to update and enhance its digital assessment tool, which adapts to student input and meets them where they are in their learning curve.

Interactive Simulations

High-quality HTML5-based simulations help students understand Physics concepts. CK-12’s new app facilitates easy access and the ability to download for offline use.

PLIX (Play, Learn, Interact & eXplore)

PLIX are tools to “Play, Learn, Interact, and eXplore” CK-12 concepts. Our 1,200+ PLIX help students gain a deeper understanding of concepts through interaction, enabling them to effectively “learn-by-doing.”

Accounts and Assignments

Beyond practice and quizzes, teachers can now assign other CK-12 modalities (Reads, Videos, Simulations, and PLIX) to their class. From September 2016 teachers can also create and manage accounts for students.


CK-12 Overview