Who needs millions of dollars

Dallas News recently published the following article:

Irving ISD uses online textbooks, so unused copies state must buy sit in a warehouse

Thousands of textbooks and other materials worth an estimated $4.6 million sit unused in an Irving school district warehouse. No one knows how many $50-$75 textbooks sit unused in school bookrooms or storage warehouses across Texas.

“;It’s not like you’ve gone and thrown a million dollars off the top of a building, but I think we could do better things with the money,” said Lea Bailey, Irving ISD’s director of learning resources. “I don’t think we’re being wasteful. I think we could probably revise the process and make better use of taxpayers’ money for sure.”

The Texas Education Agency, which regulates public schools, budgeted $500 million for textbook purchases in 2008-09.

What does this say about our system? Will School districts do anything not to lose their funds for textbook adoption?  Even if we are throwing millions of dollars off the top of a building………….