FlexBooks® 2.0

Everything in one place!

We are very excited to share the launch of our new platform - FlexBooks® 2.0! Have your lessons come to life in every way! Teach your way and students can learn their way!

Get to know our new Math & Science FlexBooks® which are now interactive, integrated, and with insightful functionality.

  • INTERACTIVE: FlexBooks® are now interactive with PLIX, Simulations, and videos inside the lesson.
  • CONNECTED: Easy connections from the lesson to other great CK-12 resources like interactives and practice.
  • INFORMATIVE: Assign Reads and Practice at the same time. Assign a whole unit at once or even the whole book!
  • SCHEDULED: Easily align the FlexBook® to your scope and sequence.

Join our FlexBooks® Pilot Program to get hands-on assistance from CK-12 if you’re interested in using your customized content in this new platform.

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College FlexBooks®

Why spend hundreds of dollars on college textbooks?

Now you don't have to! It's FREE! You can save both time and money by utilizing College FlexBooks®!

We enhanced our college-level FlexBooks® by converting them to our FlexBooks 2.0 platform and adding adaptive practice for the Fall.

Check out the following FlexBooks®: Elementary & Intermediate College Algebra, College Precalculus, and College Human Biology

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Common Core Math

The wait is over! Bringing Common Core to life for you!

CK-12's new Interactive Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry FlexBooks® were designed from the ground up to address the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. By leveraging the power of digital resources and CK-12 Philosophy, we are bringing Common Core to life for you. Every lesson in every book incorporates multiple learning modalities to meet the needs of a range of students and to offer redundant methods of instruction for each of the Standards of Mathematical Practice.

Each book, (including the new FlexBooks® 2.0 versions!) has a dedicated Teacher's Guide with scope and sequence, supplemental activity and practice suggestions, and descriptions of recommended CK-12 Modalities for assignment. The new 2.0 books have written lessons directly linked to the same multimedia resources described in the Teacher's Guide for easy access.

We are eager to show you our upcoming Interactive Middle School Math FlexBooks®! Watch for exciting news in October!

CCSS FlexBooks®

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All CK-12 FlexBooks® in one place!

To see all available FlexBooks®, just select:

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Whether it is Life Science or Algebra I, all the options lie before you!

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CK-12 in More Languages

Learning should be accessible to all regardless of language.

Our Simulations (SIMs) were manually translated by teachers and are now available in Korean, German, and Chinese.

Our FlexBooks® were manually translated into Spanish.

Bonus: The CK-12 site comes to life with the language of your choice using Google Translate!

You Asked, We Delivered

Enhancements in Adaptive Practice

  • Spacing flexibility in answering short answer questions. Whether students answer ‘3 inches’ or ‘3inches’, both are considered correct. No more frustrated students!
  • Flaky wifi network while taking a quiz? No problem. Students can continue their quizzes on resuming wifi connectivity.
  • If a quiz attempt is counted incorrectly, teachers can now dismiss it and give students another chance.

Enhancements in CK-12 Classes

  • You can now download class reports in CSV format. Analyze your student’s performance online or use the downloaded csv file to report data into your favorite reporting system or organize it in your own spreadsheet!
  • Why wait till spring for cleanup when you can do it now? We have now organized your assignments so that they are easily accessible from all your CK-12 classes.

More enhancements on the way

Coming in October:

  • Add a co-teacher to your CK-12 class.
  • Tidy up your teacher dashboard by hiding classes from previous years.
  • Identify struggling students with a heatmap in enhanced class reports.
  • Hide correct answers for adaptive practice and quizzes until after the due date.

Other New & Notable Features

Simulations and PLIX

Bring back the joy of learning in your classroom!

Take your students on an interactive journey to learn math and science using our growing library of 1100+ PLIX interactives (exploring 1400+ concepts) and 125 Simulations.

We have improved our Chemistry Simulations and are working on customization for SIMs. If you’d like to take part in an opportunity to enhance this groundbreaking technology, join our Physics SIMs Pilot program.

A Booming Teacher Community

It takes a village to educate a child. And our CK-12 village is growing!

Join our growing community of CK-12 Certified Educators. Didn’t get a chance to participate in our summer Certified Educator Program (CEP)? We've got you covered.

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Join the Cause

Achieving our mission and reaching even more children could be accelerated with your involvement.

  • Please donate to the cause to support CK-12.
  • Tell the world about us!

Innovation Playground

We are using cutting edge Machine Learning and AI technology to continue to bring you the best possible product features.

Automatic Standards Alignment

Do you like CK-12 content, but need it to be aligned with your curriculum standards?

Let us remove this obstacle by allowing you to adopt CK-12's free high-quality content for your students. Using our automatic standards alignment tool you can now map CK-12 content to the curriculum standards of your state or country. Get in touch with us to help you solve your standards-aligned content needs.

“Talk to CK-12” with Google Assistant

Want to do warm-up drills with students on a topic? Simply use the “Talk to CK-12” voice command with Google Assistant on your smartphone and it’ll quiz your students. Plus, it’ll cheer and encourage them to keep them going.

Try it now. What’s there to lose? You already have a smartphone. Put it to work.

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