CK-12 Student Learning Advisory Board (SLAB) Umbrella Internship

CK-12 Student Learning Advisory Board (SLAB) Umbrella Internship

Who we are:
CK-12 is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to free, high-quality education for every student around the world.

We’re an education platform: we create customizable and interactive STEM courses personalized for each student, and we give teachers the tools to create their own courses and share their knowledge with the world.

Our mission:
Our team loves learning, and we know that we can’t fully understand the everyday realities of being a student in the 21st century on our own. That’s why we need your help.

CK-12 is recruiting passionate, driven highschool interns to help bridge the gap between students and instructors in the modern educational world. This is an unpaid internship opportunity.

What You’ll Be Working On:
As a SLAB intern, you’ll work to improve existing CK-12 products/ projects, and even come up with new ideas to help us connect better with the learning community! We will meet once a week on zoom!

Projects include:

  • Testing CK-12’s AI Chatbot: Flexi!
  • Coming up with creative PR tactics on various social media platforms
  • Designing graphics for the website and textbooks

What CK-12 offers you:

  • Experience with CK-12 officials and student leaders
  • Volunteer hours for every meeting attended
  • Insight into the inner workings of an educational platform

If You’re Interested:
Email with your resume and cover letter, stating why you think you’d be a good fit for us, and which projects you’d be interested in working on!

CK-12 is all about supporting students through their academic/ professional journeys! If you need help putting together a resume, email us for resume templates and other tips!