Enabling Social Learning – CK-12 Introduces its New StudyHELP Facebook App!

CK-12 is always striving to provide new ways for students and teachers to collaborate and learn K-12 concepts in multiple ways, so today we are introducing the StudyHelp platform on Facebook. Students can now get answers to their homework questions, anytime (even when an assignment is due next morning!)


The “Ask” feature provides the ability for students to ask questions instantly while they are learning at home or away from their classroom. It allows someone struggling with a problem or topic and who could really use help engage with other users…even if the other person is halfway across the globe!

The “Ask” section provides the student/teachers to post questions/answers anonymously.

Huddle was created to allow users to learn in groups and to further facilitate the users learning process. Teachers or students may create new Study Groups on a specific subject or question and find other student/teachers to collaborate on the project or problem they have. Users can also join other public groups either by searching for a group or by clicking on one of the groups that was recommended based on the users interests.

The explore option provides students the ability to explore CK-12 content pertaining to the subjects and topics they are interested in. The explore section has two major components:

1. Interesting Reads: This section provides students a recommendation of the CK-12 content related to the question or topic of interest.
2. Unanswered Questions: This section provides users with exploring questions the user is interested in answering.

Need help with an assessment? Get help from your friends today! https://apps.facebook.com/studyhelp/