A CK-12 Case Study

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Leadership Public Schools and CK-12 College Access Readers

Leadership Public Schools (LPS) is a network of four urban charter high schools in the California Bay Area. The majority of our students enter 9th grade reading far below grade level but all participate in college preparatory courses. Given this reality, LPS leverages CK-12  not only to develop low-cost, tailored textbooks, but also to scaffold these to provide better access for our students.  Specifically, we are embedding literacy scaffolds directly into CK-12 Algebra, Geometry, and Biology materials to create flexbooks we call College Access Readers. Students with higher-level literacy skills use the original CK-12 content flexed to our scope and sequence. The lowest readers will soon access the materials through text-to-speech versions or Spanish translations.

LPS CK-12 Resources

College Access Reader cover image College Access Readers:  An Introduction
Louise Bay Waters, LPS Superintendent & CEO, EditorAn overview of the rationale, instructional strategies, and systems implications for the Readers.
Flexmath cover image Flexmath
Todd McPeak, CK-12 Math Specialist and former LPS Math Curriculum Specialist, DeveloperA highly successful, web-based, interactive Algebra program with individualized practice and backfill numeracy skills (see chapter 5 from the CAR Introduction, above).

LPS CK-12 Downloads

Algebra I - College Access Reader cover image College Access Reader: Algebra 1
CK-12 Algebra flexed to align with Flexmath with embedded literacy supports.
Geometry - College Access Reader cover image College Access Reader: Geometry
CK-12 Geometry flexed to align with College Access Geometry with embedded literacy supports.
Geometry - Lesson Plans and Exams cover image
Michael Fauteux and Rosamaria Zapata, LPS-Hayward math teachers, authors.

A structured Geometry program of daily lesson plans and teacher supports (see chapter 5 from CAR introduction above). To obtain the version of the Lesson Plans and Exams with embedded answers as well as additional Quizzes, please complete the teacher request form.

Biology - College Access Reader cover image College Access Reader: BiologyCK-12 Biology flexed to provide extensive literacy supports.
With Text-to-Speech cover image College Access Reader: With Text-to-Speech & Spanish Translation SupportsAccelerating the achievement of urban high school students by embedding literacy instruction in college preparatory curricula.

Other Overview Resources

A paper on the LPS flexing process (pdf).

LPS Contact:  Julie Christensen, LPS Reading and Literacy Specialist, jchristensen@leadps.org