Malala Yousafzai, We Are With You!

Malala Yousafzai is a fourteen-year-old Pakistani girl.  In 2009, the Taliban banned girls in her region from attending school.  Malala expressed how the ban affected her and her classmates in a blog, but she wrote under a pseudonym because she recognized the danger this candid writing posed on her life.  In her blog, Malala expressed her fear of going to school, yet she continued to go because of her commitment to educational equality.


On Tuesday afternoon, Taliban militants shot Malala in the head.  Upon the the Pakistani President’s request, Malala will be flown out of Pakistan to get the care she needs to be saved.  As Mirza Waheed, the former editor of Urdu Website of BBC World service, states, “She was just the girl who wanted to go to school.”

Malala was a courageous young girl who was willing to risk her life for a cause she believed in.  The CK-12 Team believes in this cause and we hope you do too. If you would like to provide your support, please donate to Global Giving’s project to educate 1000 Pakistani girls.

Our heart goes out to you, Malala.  You are a hero.