Multi-Modality Learning: More Resourceful Than Ever!

Beginning this month, we launched our new, multi-modality platform. I am very excited about this release, because I believe this type of innovative learning is extremely beneficial to students and teachers alike. New technologies create unique ways to enhance learning, and at CK-12, we take advantage of this opportunity by providing diverse modes of learning. Each modality can be defined as “a different way to learn or explore.”

We don’t subscribe to a single “best” learning method at CK-12, but we embrace rapid experimentation in regard to teaching and learning methods. Hence, the aim of multi-modality learning is to cater to every unique teaching and learning style, making it as interactive and adaptive as possible.Examples of multi-modality include: textual descriptions, video lectures, multimedia simulations, interactive exploration models, quizzes/exams and question banks, maps of related concepts, and more.