Pilot Program

What does it mean to pilot CK-12?

CK-12 aims to provide equitable access to high quality customizable STEM content to everyone. This includes an individual teacher, school, district, state and even parents. But, not everyone’s needs are the same. So, we want to outline an initial framework to start a CK-12 pilot per group. Below is a quick guide to doing so with questions to consider. The actual implementation will be a joint effort by the user school and CK-12 (jumpstart@ck12.org).

How do I pilot CK-12 as a district/administrator?

We understand different schools in your districts may/have different needs when considering CK-12. We want to provide you all the resources to help all the schools in your district pilot CK-12 for their objectives. It starts with documenting answers to a few of these starter questions:

  • Which schools in your district would be involved in this pilot?
  • What is the objective for each school when considering piloting CK-12?
  • What are the processes that need to be aligned to initiate a discussion between CK-12 and the different schools? (eg: data, systems, communications etc. at each school)
  • What LMS/SIS is being used?
  • What subjects will be explored (e.g. Physics, Algebra) in each school?
  • What content is specifically being piloted? (eg: FlexBook® Textbooks, concepts)
  • What are the technology needs for presenting content to students (e.g. projector, laptops, tablets, print)?
Pilot Term & Contact
  • What is the pilot duration? Is it different for each school?
  • Who is the main point of contact for the pilot in each school?
  • What are the expected results of control group versus test group (e.g. increased student performance, expected savings)?
  • What are the milestones I need to establish?
  • What are the measurable KPI’s to prove pilot is successful?
  • If successful, how will CK-12 assist me in its implementation across my district?