Why even bother with Superman?


For some time there has been much talk about “Waiting for Superman” but I now feel compelled to join the conversation.

I do believe that this movie did a lot to accelerate the dialogue about what we have done with our education system but to be honest I believe the conversation has headed down the wrong path.The problem is not charter schools vs. public schools and which is better than the other but rather what we, as adults, are doing to our children. Continue reading…

Common Cause

It was really thrilling to be invited to represent the educational part of a recent White House delegation to India, led by White House CTO Aneesh Chopra and Alec Ross, senior adviser for innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.The trip was quite informative for me, since I have not kept up with the educational system in India.


An Indian Classroom

Use of Resources

To be honest, I was expecting the “same old same old” list of complaints… we don’t have enough resources, our teachers don’t show up or aren’t truly present in the classroom, our students are not interested, etc.But what struck me the most was the use of resources:when there are resources, they are not being used in a very productive way.For the most part, the Continue reading…