Using CK-12 with

Steps to Use CK-12 with Canvas
  • Connect CK-12 within Canvas
  • Assign CK-12 resources in Canvas classes
  • Students complete assignments from within Canvas
  • Teachers see scores and access CK-12 Insights and Reports from Canvas
  • Go further and customize content on CK-12

CK-12 works seamlessly with Canvas. Teachers can use their classes already set up in Canvas and then can make assignments directly within that platform. Scores, detailed reports, and our new Teacher Insights are all available from within Canvas when students turn in their work.

Canvas Guides

Video overview of using
CK-12 with Canvas

Getting Started with Canvas or Schoology

Assigning CK-12 Lessons in Canvas

CK-12 Class Reports & Insights in Canvas

Turning in Student Work for CK-12 on Canvas

CK-12 Overview