“Was this helpful? Click like and then give feedback!”

As was discussed in a previous post, we now offer our content in multiple-modalities at CK-12. We are still very excited about this feature, but we also realize that it still needs some improvements. Most importantly, we realized we needed to add the capability to get your feedback. This is where YOU come in! We think our content is great, but what is truly important is what you guys think! So now on each of our modalities we offer the ability to provide ratings and reviews for our content.Not only can you go and give us feedback on how you think the concept helped you, but you can also see other student and teacher reviews.

We launched this new capability less than a week ago and we already have close to 500 reviews! 81% of our readers have liked our content! The constructive feedback is essential to improving our concepts, so now you realize how essential you are to us and we look forward to hearing from you!