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Honorable Mentions

Though these submissions didn’t make the top 3, we think it’s great to see the creativity, innovation,
and drive of students in these submission – truly notable!
Measurement Matters

Fuel of the Future

The Importance of Friction

What was the Get-Real Competition?

Winning the iPads or Kindles for the class for making things real? Yes!

CK-12 Foundation is providing a chance for students and teachers to win devices of their choice (iPads, Kindle, Chromebooks etc.) for their entire classroom! The "Get-Real"competition is designed to stimulate creativity and critical thinking. They can make a difference to the way we learn and teach and understand our world.  Students need to create practical examples (multiple submission formats allowed) using STEM K-12 concepts to demonstrate how those could be applied in our real world. Think: How did the Egyptians build pyramids made up of perfect congruent triangles? Check it out

Conducted over a period of six week and judged on several relevant criteria, this is the first of kind competition that helps involve students in applying their creativity to make concepts a reality for K-12 content. Learn more here

Judging Criteria Used

All entries will be evaluated and judged by the CK-12 team and external judges per the criteria below to determine relevance of concept and quality of RWA created:

1 Application of Concept to Real-World (35 points)
Does the entry clearly demonstrate how the concept applies directly to the application described?

2 Impact (25 Points)
Was the entry interesting? Fun? Clever? Memorable?

3 Creativity (20 Points)
Is the entry creative and original?

4 Clarity (20 Points)
Was the concept described in a simple and clear manner that could be easily understood by a wide audience?


There is one overall winner, second place and third place:

1st Place: The best RWA submission group will get up to 25 devices for their classroom (school-property).

2nd Place: The 2nd best RWA submission up to 10 devices for their classroom (school-property).

3rd Place: The 3rd best RWA submission will get up to 5 devices for their classroom (school-property).

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