Concept-based learning

Build your knowledge one concept at a time with concept based learning.


Multiple ways to learn a concept

Check out our simulations, quizzes, interactive activities and more!


Take a quiz and test your knowledge

So you think you understood the concept? Test yourself by taking a quiz. Need a warm-up before the quiz then practice!


Track your progress

Know which concepts you have mastered well and the ones that need more effort. Learn better and faster.


Learn on the go!

Your studies are portable with an e-Reader device such as iPad, Kindle and more.


Study guides to help you prepare and beat the quiz that is coming up

Need something short and concise to review what you have already learned? Study guides to the rescue!


Highlight and take notes

Highlight the important stuff as you go. Make notes to help you remember important stuff.


See something of interest?

Bookmark it and revisit it later.


Customize it!

Edit text, add a video, insert an equation and more!


Re-Mix it!

Re-Sequence chapters, change cover-art, edit as you like!


Import content from Microsoft Word or Google Docs

We all have our favorite tools. If yours are MS Word or Google Docs, import a concept with one-click


Meet state and national standards

Easily create a standards-aligned FlexBook®. In goes subject, state, grade and out comes a standards-aligned FlexBook® ready to use.



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